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Find Security In An Insecure World!

Does the prospect of retirement or job termination fill you with fear and anxiety about the future? Research has shown that the greatest fear of “Baby Boomers” is that economic uncertainties and rising medical costs will change the “golden years” they are so eagerly anticipating into a greatly reduced life-style, even poverty. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of spending my remaining years working 40 hours a week as a store greeter (if there is an opening) doesn’t hold much attraction for me. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

Many people, just like you, have decided to take control of their own future and have started their own small business with the dream of “growing it up” to meet their retirement needs when that day comes. They understand that they cannot depend on the government, or anyone else, to provide their resources when the jobs go away. 

Amazon SEO Copywriting

Secure Your Future – Retirement Is GREAT When You Can Afford It!

We can provide the expertise you need to publicize your business, create a new website to reach the Internet market, or re-energize an existing one and make it profitable.

During the past five years businesses that utilize the Internet have grown over 45% faster than those without an Internet presence.

There are many kinds of websites, but if you want to sell stuff from yours, it needs to utilize selling principles.

A website with great copy 
specifically designed for your business will sell your products and services and enable you to reach your full sales potential. It will create in your prospects mind a mental picture of themselves enjoying the benefits of your products or services and will convince them that yours is the best product of its type, and make them BUY, BUY, BUY!

Website “copy” is simply the website content (headlines, subheads, paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and words) that when combined provide a persuasive undeniable sales appeal for your product.

Six Things Your Advertisement or Website
 Must Do to Maximize YourSales!

  • Catch the Attention of Your Prospect

  • Draw the Prospect into Your Sales Copy With a Strong Emotional Appeal

  • Describe the Benefits of Your Products or Services With Credible Sincerity

  • Convince Your Prospect of Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)

  • Close the Deal. Look Your Prospect in the Eye and Ask for the $$$

  • Offer Him an Incentive to Buy Today

“Some Plain Websites Can Sell Your Products and Services Better Than Flashy Ones!”

Now don’t get us wrong, the last thing we advocate is ugly websites, and we certainly don’t plan to build any, but a website that’s NOT specifically designed to sell your products and services won’t – pure and simple.

A website is your “Internet store-front” and should reflect the character and personality of your business and be a place your best prospects will feel comfortable.We will capture that “look and feel” and reflect it on your website. If you wouldn’t paint your office purple and put flashing orange neon signs in your window to attract your prospects, your website shouldn’t do it either.

“Surprise! People Buy For Emotional Reasons, NOT Rational Ones”

The reason why car companies picture middle-aged men in sleek sporty cars speeding through the romantic countryside with (much) younger women at their side and 60’s music in the background is NOT to appeal to the car buying needs of the young female market, if you know what I mean!

Your sales appeal should be targeted to your best prospect, and push their emotional buttons, just as the car company does for its intended prospect, the middle-aged man with resources to purchase the sleek sporty car.

Research has shown that potential buyers seldom return to websites that they have visited after the first initial visit.

The bottom line is – you have ONE (1) five second opportunity to capture the interest of your prospects and convince them to read on and buy or they will leave and become just another Internet statistic.

We Turn Statistics Into SALES

Large numbers of “hits or “visits” on your website don’t mean anything. The only visits that count are the ones that buy your productsLet us turn your statistics into sales.Persuasive copy aimed to appeal to your best prospects will increase sales for your business!


Our website copy will:

      • Grab the attention of your prospect
      • Communicate the benefits of your products
      • Convince that your products are unique and desirable
      • Push those emotional buttons that will make them buy

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