My name is Hummer, not named after the well known hummer’s that drive around worldwide, as i was born a long time before the first Hummer truck was ever made by AM General in the United States of America. You might say that it was quite a surprise for me when in the year 1992 this company released the first civilian Humvee, named the Hummer.

It was nothing more then logic thinking for me as a big brown bear to check this vehicle out as i┬á heard that it was big enough for me and my family which i can’t say from other US made cars. So back in 1992 i bought my first Hummer truck and i took it everywhere i could drive with it.

This everywhere is actually worldwide and on this web site i will take you on a worldwide hummer trip to show you all the nice places where i have been with my hummer. In the past years i have driven a Hummer H1, Hummer H2 and a Hummer H3 and i have to say the the Hummer H1 was the most impressive one of them all.


Not because the Hummer H2 or Hummer H3 arent good but they are not Humvee’s anymore if you know what i mean. I hope you will like this web site devoted to Hummers and will tell about it to your friends.

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Hummer the bear ­čÖé

The History of the Hummer – 2003

All the Hummer autos start from a military vehicle –

The M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). Since HMMWV is very of an issue to articulate, the troopers started to call their vehicles Humvee’s. When AM General started to create comparative vehicles for the non military personnel showcase, they utilized the name Hummer. Today, Hummer is a secured name claimed by General Motors. AM General offered the name to General Motors in 1999, however kept on assembling the Hummer, while General Motors got answerable for selling the vehicles available.

The military M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles

Were created to supplant jeeps and lighter trucks. As right on time as the 1970’s, the jeeps and lighter trucks had started to give indications of insufficiency during military missions in harsh territory and a better than ever sort of vehicle was greatly looked for after. In 1979, the U.S. Military spread out the necessities for a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, and in 1980 the primary model was done. The model was called M998 and had been created by AM General.

The U.S. Military preferred the model and AM General started to create a progression of various High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle models. In the end, the U.S. Military arranged 55,000 HMMWV’s from AM General. Today, you will discover in excess of 15 unique kinds of Humvees’ in the United States military. They are utilized a payload transporters, troop bearers, ambulances, programmed weapons stages, rocket transporters, surface-to-air rocket stages and considerably more. Fording 0.762 meters is conceivable with a standard Humvee, and with a profound water fording pack you can passage up to 1.5 meters.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

The main non military personnel High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

The Hummer, entered the market in 1991 and before long became massively well known. It was at first advanced by a race in 1990 where two Hummers crossed the unpleasant landscape between, UK and Beijing, China. A larger part of the excursion occurred on the coarse streets of focal Soviet Union.

The drive was communicated in the United States, and the Hummer got a great deal of exposure before being propelled. One of the main non military personnel proprietors of a Hummer was Arnold Schwarzenegger, which normally likewise gave the vehicle extra exposure. What made the Humvee’s extremely well known was anyway the 1991 Operation: Desert Storm in the Middle East. During this war, warriors driving the different Humvee’s were every now and again observed on the news in America.

In 2003, the Hummer H2 – a littler rendition of the Hummer H1 –

Entered the market. Despite the fact that it isn’t as large as a Hummer H1, it despite everything has space for five travelers. It is viewed as an able multipurpose vehicle and the Hummer H2 is utilized in huge urban areas just as in rough terrain conditions. The Hummer H2 Sport Utility Truck (SUT) is a get truck assortment of the standard Hummer H2. In 2005, the following Hummer was discharged. The Hummer H3 is much littler than the Hummer H2 and promoted as a moderate sized SUV. It gauges close to 8500 lb. Hummers are additionally accessible in limousine forms. The Hummer limousine is a famous gathering vehicle since it can serenely fit a huge gathering of individuals and has a selective inside.

The Rise & Fall of the Hummer

There are numerous shoppers worldwide that will be stunned to find out about the way that Hummer have settled on the choice to shut down. There are numerous reasons, in any case, that this choice must be made, and despite the fact that devotees of Hummer will be disheartened to know about its fall, there will be a lot more individuals that will commend the end of this brand.

General Motors, the organization that possesses Hummer

Were initially proposing on selling the brand, instead of ending creation inside and out. The thought was to offer Hummer to Chinese organization Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Company. At the point when this arrangement failed to work out, and no different purchasers for the brand introduced themselves, General Motors were left with no other decision however to shut down Hummer, so as to spare the organization from liquidation, all the staff went on local seo manchester courses with Focus. General Motors are no more odd to shutting down brands as of late, as they have needed to lose Pontiac, Saturn and are slowing down Saab, moreover. The conclusion of these brands implies that General Motors can focus on a portion of its progressively well known and lofty brands, Cadillac being among these.


Not exclusively is the way that Hummers are known for having such poor eco-friendliness, however as referenced above with fuel costs arriving at unequaled highs as of late, financial choices about exactly how eco-friendly another vehicle is will immovably be in the bleeding edge of purchasers minds. With regards to fuel, not exclusively are individuals fussing monetarily, yet with environmental change turning into a major worry in numerous a drivers mind, the natural stresses that accompany owning a vehicle that would contribute enormously to their carbon impression makes Hummers less speaking to the each inexorably ecologically concerned vehicle purchaser.

Ecological stresses and environmental change are not exclusively to fault for the decrease sought after for people, yet they are likewise in part the motivation behind why the offer of Hummer to Tengzhong failed to work out. The Chinese government had the last say in the deal, and the choice to refuse Tengzhong from purchasing Hummer was halfway because of the natural effect this would have on the nation. China additionally would not like to put an excessive amount of dependence on bringing in oil from different nations. Maybe different governments could gain from this.

Hummers have consistently been a vehicle that has gone all through design

With their particular styling, it is straightforward that a few people are never going to be a fan, however with vehicles traveling every which way in prevailing fashions the lack of engagement in Hummer over ongoing years could be put down to the way that they are essentially less desired in their appearance. Since individuals need to purchase a vehicle that will dazzle others, a Hummer is recolored with the natural disgrace and positively doesn’t look in the same class as a Land Rover Discovery or Porsche Cayenne either. With certain individuals being enthusiastic about environmental change and carbon impressions, it is straightforward that they might not have any desire to be lectured about their decision in vehicle, and would prefer not to cause erosion among themselves and relatives who are stressed over the ecological effect of these vehicles.

Shutting down

The choice to shut down creation of the Hummer comes when enthusiasm for new vehicles all round is at a low. Since the world downturn hit, most purchasers are bound to keep the vehicles that they right now have so as to set aside their cash on things like 4wd street charge builds, vehicle protection and extra protection costs, for example, hole protection. The tendency to attempt to save every possible dollar additionally implies that, where purchasing another vehicle is concerned, individuals are bound to buy one which is more amicable on the pocket than a Hummer. In addition to the fact that this is valid regarding the expense to get one of these vehicles, yet additionally to run one.

Notable for being “gas guzzlers”, customers are probably not going to need to purchase a vehicle for which they will bring about enormous month to month fuel bills. During March and April 2010 European and British drivers have seen quickly expanding fuel costs thanks to a limited extent to Govt. fuel charge increments and a decrease in Middle East oil reserves. Over a significant stretch of time, the expenses of running a vehicle like a Hummer never again bode well in our current reality where vehicle purchasers are progressively going to elective fuelled vehicles. Upkeep and fuel costs, charges and the current monetary atmosphere, all assistance to assume a job in the end of the Hummer.

There are a wide range of reasons concerning why Hummer has must be shut somewhere around General Motors, yet one thing is distinct; there likely could be a greater number of individuals praising this misfortune than grieving it.